How long is the ceremony?  

They normally take 20-30 minutes, but there are no rules. The only things you might like to consider is how long your guests will need to stand for,  and whether the venue will place any limitations on you. 


What will I wear? 

I generally try to complement, but not match the bridal party. I will ask for your dress code and any colour schemes so that I don’t clash. I'm happy to accommodate any preferences or match your theme. 

Do I perform multiple weddings on one day? 

There might be days where I do two weddings in a day, but I only do this if the venues are near one another. Don't worry, I leave nothing to chance and will dedicate myself to you and your wedding. 

How do we play music during the ceremony? 

I have a professional PA system that you can plug an iPod into. I will be busy delivering the ceremony so ask that you find a family member or friend to control the music. 

Do we have to memorise vows? 

You’ve got a lot going through your head on your big day. I would recommend not to put this pressure on yourself. Most couples opt for ‘read after me’, but you could also read off palm cards.

What happens if I am sick? 

This hasn’t happened yet. But if it did, I would find a suitable celebrant for you. I would ensure delivery of all required paperwork, and ensure you can all meet at an appropriate time. 

What happens if it’s raining? 

While they say rain is lucky on your wedding day, it doesn’t work so well with my PA equipment or paperwork. Outside weddings are honestly my favourite, but I would strongly suggest that you find a suitable (dry) back-up location in the event of wet weather as I will not be able to use either my PA, or my official paperwork. The ceremony can go on, but we’ll have to meet at another time to make it official with the signed paperwork. 

How do you change your name? 

Even for the most organised person, this is a big task, and you can’t do any of it without completing the application form to receive your official Marriage Certificate. Don’t worry, after your wedding you are officially married, you just have one more step before you get the Official Marriage Certificate. You can choose to apply for it through Births, Deaths and Marriages or I can complete it for you, for the same price. 

Are there any considerations when it comes to extreme weather? 

If your day is in the middle of summer, and you're planning an outside ceremony I'd recommend a back-up venue if there is extreme heat. I suggest this because we both have a responsibility for the health and safety of guests.

If there is another question on your mind, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with me and I’ll come back quickly with a response. 

Phone: 0439 469 657 

Randwick, Sydney NSW 

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